About Us

Trust us. Asea and ashore. 

«Master Fish» OOO was founded in 1998 in Murmansk. The company delivers the whole range of equipment to fishery vessels. During this time it has shown itself as a reliable partner.

At the moment the company has a wide range of facilities, including workshop premises, warehouses, office building, etc.

The company has its own equipment. And thanks to its experienced engineers it can produce ordinary items and unique products according to customers’ design.

The distinctive features of «Master Fish» OOO are:

-custom solutions for each client

-high quality of products

-short terms of delivery

-suppliers' credit

-discount system

-competitive prices

Due to all these points each ship owner can afford to buy the equipment produced. 

The company pays much attention to fruitful and long-term cooperation. 

"Master Fish" Ltd. Trust us asea and ashore!

Main fields of concern:

  • Trawling nets. If you have decided to buy a fishing trawl in the Murmansk Region or all over the Russian Federation, you have come to the right place. Our company produces fishing trawls and deliver them ashore and at sea.
  • Customised trawls. We produce fishing gear and tralwls according to the customer's drawings and dimensions.
  • Trail boards. We produce customized trail boards of any construction, any type, any weght.
  • Fishery equipment for seafood gathering. 
  • Промысловое оборудование для добычи морепродуктов. In stock and customized.
  • Crab pots. We produce and cell crab pots of all types and sizes. 
  • Cages for fish breeding.

See the detailed description of our assortment in the section "Assortment".

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