Towing blocks

Towing blocks.

Anchor for Fish Equipment.

Anchor for fish equipment.

Cables according to customers’ design

Cables according to customers’ design.

Sling Chains

Sling chains.

Cable Bridles

Cable bridles.



Rigging Screws

Rigging screws.

Snatch-blocks for vegetable-fiber ropes

Snatch-blocks for vegetable-fiber ropes.

Snatch-blocks for steel ropes


Textolite blocks

Textolite blocks.

Cargo blocks

Cargo blocks.

Choice of Cleat Shackles

A choice of cleat shackles.

Тип ПА                                          Тип ПВ

Choice of Rigging Shackles

A choice of rigging shackles.




Rubber bobbins d 400-500 mm

Rubber bobbins d 400-500 mm

Metal bobbins d 400-500 mm

caliber 80 - 125 mm


Rockhopper d from 200 mm to 600 mm and other types.

Drags for catching of bottom-dwelling items

Drags for catching of bottom-dwelling items.

Trawl Doors and Spare parts

Trawl doors and spare parts

  • Steinshamn trawl door S 2,8 – 3,2 sq. m
  • Koudrin trawl doors S 4,5 sq. m 
  • «Morgere» trawl doors S 5,8 sq. m 
  • Thyborøn trawl doors S 4,5 sq. m 




Floating Net DSR

Floating net DSR.

Safety Net

Safety net.

Shore seines for rivers and lakes

Shore seines for rivers and lakes.

Fyke hoop nets, trap nets

fyke hoop nets, trap nets.

Drift nets

Drift nets.

Rough Nets

Rough nets.

Seine net (snurrevaad)

Seine net (snurrevaad) (according to specified dimensions).

Crab pots

Crab pots.





Pelagic Trawls and Spare Parts

ч. 1763;  ч. 2214; ч. 2336; ч. 2366; ч. 2372; ч. 2412; ч. 2425; ч. 2439; 

ч. 2444; ч. 2452; ч. 2492; ч. 2510; 

bags and spare parts






Bottom Trawls and Spare Parts

ч.2387; ч.2560; ч.2561; ч. 2561М; ч.2615; ч.2565, ч.2517; ч.2283; ч. Selstad 400; ч. Selstad 440; ч. Selstad 520;                                                  

ч. Alfredo -1; ч. Alfredo - 2;  ч. Alfredo – 3; ч. Alfredo – 4; ч. Alfredo – 5. 

Bottom trawl bags  – with two layers, with four layers, mats, cones, upper wings, lower wings, upper face, lower face, square, «SORT-V» state selector.

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