“Master Fish” may be proud of its high-qualified and experienced employees, such as anglesmiths, fishing equipment sewers, riggers, etc. They have gained their experience and skills while working directly at sea.  The staff of the company has an experienced and reliable production director and a group of engineers. They do their best to fulfill the order on time and do it in a proper way. The main branches of the production are sewing and welding.

In the sewing shop crafty and skillful workers produce all kinds of bottom and pelagic trawls and spare parts for them, such as bottom trawl bags  (with two and four layers), mats, cones, upper wings, lower wings, upper face, lower face, square, «SORT-V» state selector, bags and spare parts for pelagic trawls. Trawls also can be produced according to customer’s design, as well as nets, wells, сrab pots, seine nets, fyke hoop nets, trap nets, etc. Our workers can join large floats and rockhoppers to trawls. They also can dismantle equipment when required.


In the welding area they produce, install and repair all kinds of trawling boards and spare parts and metal bobbins. Selective racks with «SORT-V» state selector and other metal constructions according to customer’s drawings are also produced in the area. 


In the plumber shop a wide range of services is offered:

-turning and machining;

-mechanical work;

-repairing of cargo and towing blocks of different types;

-producing of stems, dan lenoes, rubber bobbins, cable splicing devices.


There are following machines in the plumber shop:

-thread-cutting lathe;

-milling machine;

-cutting-off machine;

-mortising machine;

-boring bench;

-transverse planning machine;

-abrasive cold-sawing machine;

-coiling machine;

-plate-bending rolls;

-press shear;

-testing facility for rigging equipment.

Production Production

Rigging shop fulfills:

-dragrope sounding and marking (dragrope diameter is up to 30 mm), dragrope is delivered to the ship on a winch;

-росткой of cables of any length and diameter, with and without eye rings, набивку рокхопперов d 200-500 mm and other types.

Production Production

In addition the company renders transportation of all equipment:

-dragropes and winches installing and dismantling;

-equipment is delivered to the ship, at sea and for export;

-storage  of equipment. 

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